Critical facts you need to know about True People Search Scam

It is highly typical of a human being to be stalkers of each other. Well, it may not be for evil intention or maybe that into detail, but if you have a celebrity you are looking up to, it is very compelling to at least try to find out more information concerning them.

Well, this was the original idea behind the creation and development of the current controversial True People Search websites. People, especially the highly profiled people would love their life to remain private. If anybody can access all their detailed information such as cars the drive, their home address, family member, children and so forth, they raise eyebrows.

So what are these True People Search websites?

These are unique websites with specific information on various people across the world. The information contained mainly is persons’ location, friends and family, relatives, kids, car registration address, the school they are attending or attended and much more concerning their personal life history.

So far, it has raised negative concerns about people who find their names there. They feel, all their personal life is open to read by the entire world. One thing the urge about is that what if the person searching or accessing your personal information for free has an evil motive for you? What if they are looking for your home address to plan a raid? Well, these are some of the burning question raised by many concerning the site.

However, reading the ‘About Us’ page of truepeoplesearch website, the company explain their main intention for the site which is providing a suitable platform for people to link for free. They even go ahead explaining the effectiveness of their website in connecting people than the very many dating apps present currently. Again with them, it is so easy to link people from all walks of like by merely providing their names and zip code during the search.

However, despite people thinking and talking ill of the site, it is a fact that some current marriages, as well as friendships, have cropped from this site. More interestingly, some people who have been separated for quite some time maybe a school or workmates have had an opportunity to meet once more by connecting through this site.

Are True People Search a scan?

The truth still holds that TruePeopleSearch has been a useful platform. It has helped resurrect long gone friendships; it has created marriages, linked up relatives among many others for pros just for free.

It is only sad that fraudsters, as well as imposters, have spotted an open opportunity for them to thrive in. It should be noted that True People Search website does not support any of such acts as of scamming thus, so far, no report has been produced regarding any of the site developers swindling the details of a registered member. Meaning, the site is not a scam as some claim.

How To Remove Your details From The Site

If you are not convinced enough about the safety and privacy of your information on the site, removing your profile is only a few clicks.

Once you open the sites main page, click at the Privacy Button which will direct you to a page with Record Removal Request bar. Upon clicking it, you will submit your name then request for the removal of your profile. The process is quick. Within minutes you will be out.


The world of the internet today has no doubt to have caused us both good and bad fortunes. Just with your internet-enabled device, you can access sites such as True People Search and link up with lots of people you have in mind and would like to have a connection.

It’s only unfortunate that some ill-motivated individuals have grabbed these open opportunity to cultivate that which has resulted in sad incidences. Therefore, the solution remains to play safe. Do not feed in your sensitive details on the internet – as such you will be able to maintain your privacy and security as well.

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