Easy Pay Finance Review

If you are a merchant, this might be an excellent site for you, the Easy Pay Finance. It is an exclusive platform where merchants can access financial services/ assistance towards obtaining either their loan or finance loan for their automobiles.

Its main loaning features comprise of the short-term lending period between 12 to 24 months and give clients loan limits between $500 and $4000.

As per the reports by WHOIS domain, easypayfinance.com was created by a disclosed organization, Duvera on August 31st, 2012 via the GoDaddy registrar.

Further investigation and research on the origin of the Easy Pay Finance revealed that Duvera was the well-known Duvera Billing Services, LLC, which in charge of overseeing corporate entity accountable for Easy Pay Finance.

According to records by Duvera Billing Services, LLC Better Business Bureau profile, the establishment, and incorporation of this business took effect in California on May 18th, 2001.

Company’s Details

As disclosed, the physical address of Easy Pay Finance is 1910 Palomar Point Way #101, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

It has a unique entity referred to as Mary Jones operating as their president with the CEO being Scott Vertress

Additional information indicates that the accreditation of the Duvera Billing Services, Inc to BBB happened on August 28th, 2017 reflecting a 71% adverse clients’ review rating.


Apart from New York, the Easy Pay Finance is all available in each state in the United States with its primary purpose being an instant lending approver.

For every successful and completed loan applications, successful and finalized loan applications, Easy Pay Finance charges a 2.99% merchant fee.

The entire approval process takes only a day, and if you apply any time of the day, by 4 P.M. EST, the procedure would have been complete.

Qualification for the loan

As per the term and condition of their loan approval, any applicant should be 18 years and above and at least have a monthly income of $1,000. Additionally, their accounts should have a standing check in the past 90 days of their application date.

Essential contact information

If you need information concerning your account contact (866) 438-8372

Interested Merchants can reach out to these contacts (866) 791-0915 or sales@easypayfinance.com

Existing Merchants can call or email (866) 337-2537 or merchantservices@easypayfinance.com respectively

Is Easy Pay Finance a Scam?

To a considerable extent, it is. Easy Pay Finance lacks proper authoritative profile despite having a user-friendly platform. The overseeing authorities are not well defined.

Another point is that they haven’t correctly disclosed their terms and Conditions of services. Thus, prospective clients fail to notice precisely the necessary towards successful qualification of their loans.

More evidence of it being a scam is vivid from the customers’ multiple complains registered at RipOffReport as well as their corporation’s Better Business Bureau profile.

Lots of clients are raising complains over the horrific dealing of their customer service personnel regarding solving their complaints. Some of these concerns comprise of high ratings of between 129 to 200% on average plus the firm declaration that they are scammers.

Out of all these misfortunes and misgivings, the global ranking report on similar web indicates clearly how unpopular Easy Pay Finance is – showing a rank of 606,130 as of March 4th, 2018.


Conclusively, it is evident that the Easy Pay Finance is not reliable nor trustable. You can always look for other better sites with excellent reviews.



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