MindInsole Reviews: the Best solution to your Foot Pain

There exist numerous ways sore, and fatigue can develop on one’s feet. However, the most common method is when you participate in a long walk or run probably with uncomfortable shoes or having a stand in a particular position for an extended period.

The pain you fee is agonizing and always keep your unease, and all you need is to find a comfortable place, sit and relax with your feet in a little more raised position.

It is out such condition that the development of MindInsole came in. The technically designed product claims to provide suitable cushioning to one’s feet whenever they are engaging in activities requiring strong feet engagement. The idea of it is to get your feet to relax and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Key Features of a MindInsole

With the following premium features, the insole offers exceedingly good comfort not only to your feet but to your back as well. It transfers the relaxation feeling of your feet to your back causing it to relax too –and therefore no more pain.

Each sole comes with 400 massage points. Additionally, it has the following;

  • 12 large acupoints
  • 120 common acupoints – for general massage as well as providing soothing comfort.
  • 220 micro acupoints – Which helps in the general blood flow in your feet.
  • 4 cooling magnets to deliver gentle, electromagnetic rollers which rouses your feet appropriately.

Benefits of a MindInsole

It the removal of both feet and general body pain, the sole also does the following;

  • It design consisting of soothing and comfortable pads offers free flow circulation of air through your fee thus keeping them fresh.
  • If you are an athlete or any other sportsperson, you will be able to act long enough in your practices or actual running in a competition.
  • The sole generally reduces body stress by causing relaxation.

Conclusively it can be said of it to be the best fit for those engaged in prolonged physical activities involving foot works.

Cons on MindInsoles

Interested parties have done some research about the effectiveness of the MindInsole’s magnets – whether they work on not.

On this, therefore, three experiments have been conducted one with people suffering from injuries on their foot, other on those who wore the sole through the entire day and third on plantar torment.

From the three, none showed any difference. Those who wore the magnetic sole had no differential feeling from those who did not. Meaning they are not effective.

How and where to buy MindInsole

This product is only available in pairs, and so it is sold. You can always find it both at your local vendor or online shops – only ensure they are reliable shops.

In case you are shopping online, ensure to select the pair that interests you and matches your shoe size. Huge ones won’t fit in your shoe and vice-versa. Otherwise, in a physical shop, you can always try them out to see if they fit in your shoe.

In most cases, people buy two pairs. It is very much recommendable for changing purposes.


MindInsole is the best one can have towards addressing issues of soring feet and back pains. Reach out for your best pair and try them out.

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