Berrylook shop: Reviews

If you have been an online hunter for quality, trendy, elegant and above all cheapest ladies wear, once or twice you have probably come across this site, The site has most of the spectacular ladies’ wear consisting of tops, bottoms, capes, shoes and many more which often come with good discounts each day. How attractive.

Reading through their ‘About Us’ page, you will be compelled with the quality service they offer right from the purchase to delivery and also quality customer care assistance. Strangely, if you Google search Berry look reviews had not been their customer before, you will be surprised with the number of people regretting purchasing items from them.

This article focuses on more in the review of the site. What is going on with the shop?

State of Berrylook

What appears of the site from the client’s perspective is excellent incompetency and inconvenience. Their testimonies reveal quite clearly how indeed there is a lack of consistency in the operation mode of the shop.

The main concern is shipping time. When checking on the site, they say for instance 7 days however in actual since it takes much longer, even a month some say. Worse enough, this occurs to everyone shopping on the site regardless of whether you are a new client or not.

The second concern relates to the item a client receives. Most shoppers complain of not receiving the exact product they ordered. Whatever the site describes the product you chose may sometimes be the exact opposite of what they send to you. That is you can order a white top only to receive a black one after a month of waiting.

Sometimes it is about quality. The site has very high-quality designs, but that is not what they send to you. Some customers even complain that after raising the issue of wrong delivery, she was still sent another wrong one.

Very unlucky clients have also received deliveries of clothes much smaller than the sizes they ordered. If you order large, you probably can get the small one and vice-versa.

As if it does not end all there, the customer cares have been accused of mistreating the clients talking unfriendly to them. In such a case, clients have made their reviews complaining of being rudely requested to pay the back shipping price for wrong deliveries claiming that the service is costly. That if you are lucky to receive their reply. Often they ignore clients’ emails.

Allegations have however been made of Berrylook trying to look better. They do this by posting very compelling comments on particular websites such as Trustpilot indicating how they’ve offer quality products and services. However, this is noticeable given that their comments stand in a sea of all negative reviews and one-star rating.

Why people fall for Berrylook

Despite the quality and glittering items they advertise on their page, Berrylook has a special was of deceiving clients to purchase their items. One of these ways is the use of discount timing.

Many shoppers imagine that whenever the timer finishes counting, the product would have been out of stock or its price would have gone up which is never the actual case.

If you never knew, some of the products there are from other competitive sites like AliExpress, and most likely they are a bit if not cheaper there.


To some extent, Berrylook is a scan since you pay for something and you do not receive it. The best solution is to avoid at all cost all sites as this and instead buy items of highly reputable sites like the Aliexpress.

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